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The appliances are mainly designed by MCE. Working together with innovative and first class equipment manufacturers for the technical interior assures high quality-products with an own design. All equipment is certificated according the regulations of the European Community and marked with the CE- or UL-, NSF-sign. Every part is accepted for the use onboard from the authorities.

Enclosed please find a few appliances with tecnical specifications from our catalogue. Our product range also includes bar and laundry equipment. If you want to have more detailed information do not hesitate to contact us under info@mce

El. Range MCE 700 Serie Small Galley Mixer MCE
Deep Fat Fryer MCE-40 Meat Mincer MCE
Refrigerator MCE CC 600 Serie Bread Slicer MCE
Dishwasher MCE-SP 50 Hot Water Boiler WKI

Electric Range MCE 700 Serie

For cooking, frying, grilling, warming up,simmering

Exterior in stainless steel quality AISI 304

Extra rapid cooking plates with own, frontmounted seven-point energy-saving control switch and signal lamp

Round cooking plates, size 220 mm diameter, with load 2.6 kW (type: -R-) or square cooking plates size: 300 x 300 mm, with load 2.6 kW (type: -Q-)

Protection degree IP 44

Recessed front mounted control switches

Easy to clean because of smooth surfaces

With special lists a "closed line" can be built up with no gaps between the appliances

Equipped with rolling racks and storm rails on required side (pls. specify)

on top Datasheet as PDF-File

Deep Fat Fryer MCE - 40

For deep fat frying

Exterior and interior in stainless steel quality AISI 304

Heating elements of stainless steel AISI 304

Hinged heating elements for better cleaning

Elements of self-cleaning type with controlled burn-off

Pre-heating of oil from cold approx. 4 minutes

Oil pan made of seamless, pressed stainless steel

Conical shaped pan with deep cool zone

Lid keeps the inside of the fryer and oil clean when fryer is not in use

Special fat melt cycle for more sufficient and secure working

Equipped with Multi-Action thermostat with three simple contacts that close off the elements in stages

Fitted with a special second cut-out thermostat, which will simply switch off the electricity should any over-heating occur

on top Datasheet as PDF-File

Refrigerator MCE CC 600

For cold storage

Stainless steel in- and outside

Inside corners are rounded for quick and easy cleaning

Cooling medium R 134 A - ventilated cooling system

Insulation by polyurethane foam with high density (42kg/m3), thickness of insulation (CFC-free) is 60mm

Equipped with interior light

Door gaskets are magnetic and clutched and easy replaceable

Fitted with easy-to-grip handle - all doors lockable with cylinder lock

Door with 100o stay-open loading feature, self-closing from all other positions

All electronic devices are fitted in the front mounted panel - inspection of the compressor unit from the front

Available with own compresor (version: -A) or for connection to central cooling system (version: -C)

on top Datasheet as PDF-File

Dishwasher MCE-SP 50

For fast and efficient dishwashing

For rack size 500mm x 500mm, Top washing height 330mm, Maximum plate size 340mm

Tank volume 20.0 litres

Booster heating element 5.8 kW

Connection to hot water (temp.: + 50oC)

Equipped with rinse aid injector pump

All stainless steel construction quality AISI 304

Separate wash and rinse hydraulic circuits

Built-in stainless steel booster for final rinse

Tank and booster heating adjustable by separate thermostats

on top Datasheet as PDF-File

Small Galley Mixer MCE

For mixing dough, puree, cream, etc.

Variable speed control

Equipped with 2 m cord

Thermal protection of the motor

Easy positioning system for the bowl

Motor with electronic speed control

Machine column in Aluminium

Machine head in cast Aluminium

Transparent safety guard, suitable for making additions during mixing

Planetary movemement of the tools ensures homogeneity of air contained in the mix

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Meat Mincer MCE

For meat mincing

Stainless steel hopper and feed pan

Motor housing made of molten aluminium alloy

Speed reducer made of 4 hardened steel gears

Fitted with self-ventilated motor

Removable feed pan

Equipped with cast iron mincing unit as standard, stainless steel on special request

Constructed for safe use

Easily removable mincing unit

Motor and control device with IP 45 protection degree

on top Datasheet as PDF-File

Bread Slicer MCE

For slicing bread, toast, cake, etc.

Special anodised Aluminium casing

Fitted with blade guard

Special high-performanced cutting blade with toothed edges

Signal lamp indicates when blade is running

Fitted with easily sliding carriage

Feed grip, carriage blade and blade guard easily removable

Easy to handle and install

Equipped with 2 m cord

Thickness of slices adjustable from 1....16 mm with regulation knob

on top Datasheet as PDF-File

Hot Water Boiler WKI

For water boiling

Exterior and interior all in stainless steel 18/8

Equipped with swivel arm in front of the unit

Wall mounted model

Thermostat controlled temperature 30o....97oC

Equipped with gauge glass with index in litres

Fixed water connection

ON/OFF-switch with pilot lamp

Float mechanism for automatic water filling for all models (for WKI 10 float mechanism as optional)

Equipped with overflow protection

on top Datasheet as PDF-File